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Turning the world to dust

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I don't know if any one reads Knife magazine on here , but i started writing a every other month column for them last June, because i wasn't busy enough in my life :)


I pitched the column as something like what was written by Godard or folwer back in the old days but with current information.  Mostly technical advice mixed with a bit of opinion and hopefully a bit of wisdom as well.   


So far is seems to be going well, but I have been slightly disappointed in that I am not getting as many questions as i had hoped, or really much in the way of feed back at all.  So I figured i would  posting here. 

Any one got any questions for me? 


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Matthew, I do not get that magazine, but the thought occurs to me that print media as a vehicle for learning this craft, at least from a modern methods view, is probably not going to get much traffic. Your competition is all online. The instantaneous nature of the internet and our instant gratification addiction, makes your objective very difficult to obtain. 


Why would anyone send you a question and wait for the next issue for the answer when they can Google it and watch 10 videos about it in the next hour? Just because you are Matthew Parkinson? Well, that would make me ask you and skip the videos, but most people? uhhhhhh, nope.


Seriously, you need a different angle. If I could take the liberty of making a suggestion, I would say use the platform to promote your work, your knowledge, and your wisdom.

Start a major project and document it through the magazine column. That way you can start with your inspiration, guide the reader through your research and learning, then move to your fabrication and opinion, mixing in the technical data, and show the world what MP is all about. If you do it right, folks who follow you will start to ask questions about why you did this or that, how did you make this happen, what historical references you used, etc.

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