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New project-States/Weller collaboration

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Bad lighting/bench photo, but I finally got a chance to put some leather pants on this guy.   

I have some more pictures of the first knife, I didn’t want to include the box I made for the knife on here initially so there would be some element of surprise, but now that Josh has it in his posses

Well, at the prompting of Josh... nudge nudge    here is a couple more pics of this knife. It comes at the price of delayed deadlines and field of broken promises, but I’m slowly getting it

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Got some work done on the second blade. 


Got the bolster drilled out and fitted. I don’t know if I’m ever going to be good at this part, it never seems to go smoothly. I drill out the back first, the drill a series of holes:




I use a Dremel tool to “machine” the back and the slot and it ends up looking like this:






then I use small needle files to get a tight fit




I don’t have any great pictures of the surface, but I peen the surface for texture. 


Then I drilled out the antler, drilled a hole for a single pin, and glued it up. 




After a couple days of glue drying, last night I got it all sanded down. Several of my friends were really mad at me for this part because it seems most people like to leave the antler “bark” on there, but for the engraving I do, I need a smooth surface. Overall, it feels very nice in the hand. The elk antler has an underlying dark mottling that I kinda like (doesn’t show up well in the pictures), though I thought about using some H2O2 to whiten it a bit, still thinking about it. 




Going forward I want to mess with the bolster a bit and get some more texture on the sides, then on to design and engraving.

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Not that the texture on that tine was all that great, to make it worth using. I was at a hammer-in type of event where a lot of handle materials were in a silent auction. There was this really nice piece of Sanbar antler . Very dense with almost no pith. I was looking at it and thinking about the work you do when another knife maker came up and asked me what I thought I'd do with it. When I told him that I would sand all that popcorn off and carve it, he was horrified. I think he outbid me just so that I wouldn't "ruin" that piece of antler.


Texturing the sides of that bolster is going to be tricky without getting into the antler, isn't it? I know I don't trust my hands that much anyway.

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14 hours ago, Joshua States said:

Texturing the sides of that bolster is going to be tricky without getting into the antler, isn't it? I know I don't trust my hands that much anyway.


I'm kinda debating in my mind if I want to go in the antler a bit but I haven't fully decided yet. I'm kinda flying by the seat of my pants on this on more than I usually do. I have actually learned to trust my hands quite a bit in situations like this (maybe due to hours of making tiny cuts in antler?) and I will probably use the dremel tool to do some texturing, the extent of which is unknown at this point.

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Started carving on the bolster yesterday and today. I just use an old dremel tool with a flex shaft that I got as a set when I was around 12 years old. In the first picture you can see the bit I used for most of it, then I switched to some dental bits I got from my dentist. I will do a final texture on the outside edges because they will get sanded again as I engrave the bone. It will all be patina’d and not be all shiny...


First I carved the general shape I wanted out of the nickel silver bolster. 



The I started giving it a texture






Hope that makes sense! I actually only used the vice to take pictures, all of the dremel tool work I did hand held. Like usual, this is just always a huge experiment, and actually probably a pretty dumb way to do it, considering if that bit goes crazy and streaks off across the wrong part, well, that’s bad... especially since it is all glued up already.



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