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Paired Christmas Dirks

AJ Chalifoux

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These two paired Scottish dirks were done as a personal project for Christmas presents. They went to my sister and her husband, who had their wedding in Scotland last year. The blades are 5160 steel with dramatic distal and profile taper. I don't think these typically had distal taper, but I decided to do something a little different.


One blade was forged by me, and the other was forged by my girlfriend as a fun couple's project. She also polished the blades while I worked on the hilts. The guards and pommels are solid brass, and the woods used are padauk and wenge.


















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Simple.  Clean.  Beautiful.  What more is there to say?




WHEW!!!  If I could only know now what I "thought" I knew back then....................


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Wait a minute, you gave fighting knives to a married couple?


Nice work though 

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"The way we win matters" (Ender Wiggins) Orson Scott Card


Nos, qui libertate donati sumus, nes cimus quid constet.

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