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First Forging


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Finally got around to scanning in my first forging - a railroad spike tomahawk. You guys have been a bad influence on me - now I'm hooked.


20 inches overall length, the head/blade is 8 inches overall, with bocote handle, fossil ivory and desert ironwood end caps, rawhide Turk’s head wrappings (thanks to Tai Goo for the wrapping tutorials).


Seems to look pretty good on the outside, you just don't see the difficulties inside the eye. Also had to make a drift and hot slitter. The hot slitter I started with was a cold chisel - learned that cold chisels don't do a good job slitting hot metal with their wide edge, then I re-profiled the edge to a more acute angle and it worked better. Railroad spikes are tough - oh, my aching arm! Might should have chosen something a little less ambitious for my first time...


Thanks for all the good info on the Forum, and many thanks to Don Fogg for providing and hosting it!


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Hi Raymond,


I did a double take as well when I saw your picture! I went back to the iForge tutorial I used making my hawk, and lo and behold, your photo above is the finished example at the end of that tutorial. I liked that photo much better than the hammer-style hawk the tutorial was making, and altered my design. Small world...thanks for being the inspiration.


And to all the guys saying such nice things, thanks for the encouragement. It's nice being a part of a community of craftsmen who aren't stingy with "protected knowledge." Freely distributed information and help gladly provided is something so many craft and art communities are sadly lacking. Guess the world in general could use more of the attitudes I see here on Bladesmith’s forum. Many thanks for your kindness!

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Hello TOM-- Glad to see your first effort.


Some how it does not suprise me how well it came out. I have been following yours and others posts on THE CARVING PATH.


Congrats for a nice piece of work.


Chuck Bennett

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