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Smallsword with hollow triangular blade

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1770s Smallsword I finished up recently.
Forged and heat treated triangular blade with hand etching. Forge welded loop hilt and pineapple pommel hand filed with pure silver accents. Mahogany grip.
30.5 inch hollow triangular blade
37 overall
Balance 1.25 from hilt
20.4 oz total weight




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WIP of how I forge welded the hilt. Starting material was 1/2 x 1 inch mild steel. Pierced for tang then sawn and filed to shape.




Everything aligned and forge welded


Then filed. Pommel forged from 1 inch NPT black pipe

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seriously nice work on the guard/pommel. The faceting is very eye catching.

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21 hours ago, Alan Longmire said:

Neat-o!  Did you forge a triangular section blade in a swage and then grind it on a small wheel?  Nice work on the hilt, too.


Thanks Alan! I wish I had gotten pictures of how I forged the blade, but not being sure if it would work at the time I neglected to do so... Seeing I can only find 1/4 inch thick 1080 I first doubled and forge welded the first 1/3 of the blade so the riccosso was almost 1/2in thick. I forged the blank so that this first 1/3 had a quick distal taper from 1/2 down to about 3/16, then the rest of the blade from 3/16 to 1/8 at the tip. The thick portion I chiseled a V into the back leaving the rest of the shaping for grinding, the thin portion I bent lengthwise in a V swage. Then yes ground everything on a 2in contact wheel. If I could have started with thicker steel to begin with it would have been much easier, but this is the only way I believe I could accomplish the blade shape while keeping the tang centered.

Anyone know where one can buy thicker blade steel? say 5/16, 3/8, 1/2 thick rather then only 1/4?

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Thanks for the reply!


If you don't mind starting with round bar, Aldo sells 1" round 5160, and most industrial suppliers have W1 rounds (as water hard drill rod) from 1/16" to 1.5" or so.  Starting with big round bar I bet you could do a full-on colichemarde blade.  For those who don't know that term, some late 18th century smallswords had triangular hollow ground blades that were very wide for the first 2/3 of the length, with the final third being a thin triangular needle. This gave them a very stiff forte for parries with a flexible tip for poking holes in the opponent.

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I'm in the same boat Josh is.  I've come back and stared at this 3 times now.  It was only this morning that I even noticed the engraving on the blade.  Nicely done Sir!

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Stunning. Really impressive blade shape. Forging the guard must have taken a lot of planning and forethought. 


Thanks for sharing. 

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