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Dunno WHAT I was thinking but....

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It turned out OK...


Howdy.. OK this was suppose to be a really looong seax but...it sorta got away from me and well..this is what I wound up with..  I am so sick of doing the Japanese stuff that I needed to get something European done..so I wanted to do a three core Seax for that show we are going to next weekend as an eye catcher... you know... lure the unsuspecting  in and then.. I got them!! It didn't quite turn out that way though...


Now I started out welding up some 1070, L-6 and some SS heat treat foil in my starting faggot of 75 layers.. welded that up...drew that out and split off the cores and did a twist/counter twist off set interrupt and then welded on the edge steel...cut and did the tip...all was well...BUT.....this is where I got lost and this is what happens when I loose my train of thought and let my feeble mind wander all over..thought about doing something with a yelman and then that turned into something recurved and double fullered and then...well...it is a terrible thing when a mind melts into forge jello in the middle of a project..So here it is...  Oh,..twin fullers are a PITA enough on a  straight blade..on a curvy one??? ouch!!


Blade length is  31"...two fullers each side..on to the Yelman and the other a wee bit short of the tip. Yelman length is  11 1/2"  Fittings are forged phosphor bronze and the grip is fossil Bos Taurus Ivory.. This is one mean puppy of a sword..Looks like something out of E.R. Burroughs's John Carter series if you ask me...You will never know how many times I laid up on a hill side in my youth wanting to be taken to Barsoom...That didn't work either...I am starting to see a pattern here...


Well here it is in all of its glory... Hope these photos work out.


JPH  (By the way I was 100% sober when I did his...alcohol had no part in the design...)





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I really like the shape of this piece. The drop reminds me of a bit of a long cav. bayonet/sword. 


Thanks for sharing. 

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Totally dig it.   Kind of a recurved cutlass style.  Looks vicious.     Like the pommel too.  Are those brass pins you put on all your handles ?   They look domed?   Are you just driving those in like nails ?

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I like it a lot! I can tell it must be even more stunning in person! 


One thing I feel I must say (and feel free to ignore): I wish you would play with your lighting a little. I think it would greatly help show off some more of that fine detail. I personally don't like to use flash photography. 


Beautiful sword! 

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On the photos...hey it is tradition that I have lousy photos...If I start getting good ones folks will start to think that I am not me any more...  I never said I was any sort of photographer person ..far from it but I do my best..


On the pins,.,.they are domed and I have to pre-drill the right sized hole so the grip material will not split/crack.the last thing I want is a grip to crack open...not a good thing to have happen at all... Ref the twin fullers...doing these are a bit tedious as far as spacing and depth but using a fly press makes it a good deal less nerve wracking but still they are a pain..but they sure look nice..makes the thing look "finished"..at least to me it does...  Happy ya'all like it...this is going to the Gator Knife Show down here  next weekend.. if it lasts that long..these things have a way of selling rather quickly.. Which in itself isn't a bad thing..



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All my best ideas come to me when I'm drunk.....but for some reason I can never remember them come morning time.:lol:


Beautiful sword JPH!!!

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