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Looking for information on Crusader arming swords

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Hi all, I have a project I have been tasked with, that could possibly turn in to a few, and they revolve around making historically inspired Crusader swords.


Right now I am gathering information so any info on them that you geniuses know of or links to info on them would be appreciated.


For this first sword it is to have more of a german theme if possible, but for the others they will be different but all revolve around Crusaders.


Also I am curious of any examples of engraving or decoration on them, both pattern styles and wording. 


Another thing that I am curious of is if all the wording found on them is in Latin, or are there examples of them with wording from their local language?


Thank you all for any help in this adventure!

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Try getting a copy of The Archaeology of Weapons by Ewart Oakeshott.  It has plenty of drawings and black and white plates of swords of various ages.  It's not an expensive book and is a good one for any library.  Records of the Medieval Sword by the same author is filled with illustrations and appendix B deals with engraving and lettering.


To my recollection from the reading that I've done swords from the "wording" is usually in Latin.  The reason that I put wording in quotation marks is that some of the lettering was abbreviations for longer phrases.  I don't know Latin but a sword could be engraved something like HMMOCPFMNAATHOMD, which is long enough by itself, standing for Holy Marry Mother of Christ pray for me now and at the hour of my death.  The long version would not be impossible to engrave and enlay but the lettering would have to be small and very labor intensive to do.  Or the blade could be engraved with something short like Homis Dei meaning man of God.  Supposedly this was common on Templer blades.





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