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Dave Stephens

New Arctic Fire Videos

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Michael Bergstrom, the talented film producer and bladesmith who generously provided the filming of AF 2016 has recently released new videos from that event.  He added them to the announcement topic, but I thought I'd post a new topic so you all didn't miss them. 


For those of you that don't know, AF 2016 was in two parts. Each smith did a practical demonstration of technique, and another presentation on the theme of the event, Grendel's Hoard from Beowulf. The demo videos have been out for about a year. Michael is now working to release the thematic presentations.


Here is a link to his youtube channel. Also, I've pasted below his announcement from the AF thread. 








Chapter 1-3 have been posted online with the demos, over the next week all the videos will be online as well as several profile/in depth videos and a doc about the giants sword construction. A couple hours of new videos have gone up. Next week will be never before seen content though. 


Available for streaming


Chapter 1: Panel Discussion (Group)

Chapter 2: The Mother's Dagger (Peter Johnsson)

Chapter 3: The Material Culture of the Spear Danes (Pete Florianek)

Owen Bush: Forging the Pattern of Undertow

Dave Stephens: Multi-Bar Pattern Welding Tips and Tricks

Jake Powning: Carving Waxes for Lost Wax Casting

Petr Florianek: Pressblech Techniques

Peter Johnsson: Antler Forming with Heat and Steam

Petr Florianek: Carving Antler with Rotary Tools

J. Arthur Loose: Gilding Techniques


Upcoming Releases:

Chapter 4: Hilting a Giant's Sword (Jake Powning) (01/25/20)

Chapter 5: Undertow, the Giant's Sword (Owen Bush) (01/25/20)

Chapter 6: Hrunting, The Sword That Failed (Dave Stephens) (01/27/20)

Chapter 7: The Lyre of Lejre (J.Arthur Loose) (1/28/20)

Chapter 8: Closing Discussion (1/30/20)


Artist Profile: Peter Johnsson (FEB)

Artist Profile: J. Arthur Loose (FEB)

Artist Profile: Petr Florianek (FEB)

Artist Profile: Owen Bush (FEB)

Artisr Profile: Jake Powning (FEB)


Creating "Undertow: Bloody Ripper of Tides" Documentary (TBD)


Enjoy on YouTube on Wild Dog Creative channel where there is a custom playlist for Arctic Fire. 


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Oh Man. I have to take a week off of work......:)

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