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bunch of knives

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hello, i have a bunch of knives that i am currently finishing and i will post them as they are done, a few are ready for sale now. i am finishing one or two each day it seems, they only need a bit of polish or maybe a new guard or spacer, nothing much. i can take more pictures if it is needed, i might be able to alter sheaths for different carry styles.


who am i to be selling knives? i have been making knives for 5-6 years now and using them frequently for foolish things, many of my miniatures have been used to deburr various metals, i find myself having to hack through brush sometimes and i very much enjoy practice cutting with my knives. i have practiced several methods of knifemaking and my preferred style is a sort of japanese-western-fantasy however i try to do lots of different things with my knives. i like to use recycled materials and self harvested wood, although that isnt always the case, i wont sell something that does not preform as well as standard knifemaking materials. most of my blades are forged, filed, and ground on a home built 2x72 grinder, all by hand and eye. these knives here are my most recent and best work, things that i would not be unhappy with, if there are any flaws i will make sure to point them out. i have bought plenty of junk in my life, i do not want to put that on other people so i try to make good quality products. 


here is a picture of what i will be selling:



and from this point on, here is what is finished:


4 1/5" handle and 5 1/4" blade

1075/1080 steel, edge hardened with a convex distal taper, nice thin tip. 

mesquite handle that i harvested with locator pins that are attached to two copper spacers, one is coined, and a sculpted steel guard. 

the beeswax soaked sheath has a slip on frog and can be worn on either side, left or right handed, inside or outside the belt.

the steel pin in the handle will be peened and glued before the knife is shipped, its not peened yet so i can repolish the blade if it gets scratched.

asking $250, the handle fits well without glue, there is a slight forging mark on the other side of the blade, i will get a picture of that up soon...



1/4 scale naginata with 15n20 blade, no taper, very fun to use for cutting small light targets. 6" blade and 12" handle.

sepele handle, no glue used, three copper ferrules hold everything together. tapered steel pin, wrought iron guard with a copper band, and a real forged habaki with machigane.

asking $200




small bowie/fighter, 1075/1080 blade, 7" blade and 4 1/4" handle. the blade has a convex taper, some forging marks near the guard.

the handle is ipe with a nicely coined copper spacer sandwiched in two brass spacers, a heat darkened steel guard, and another copper spacer on the face of the guard. the pin is a flared brass tube with a copper rivet.

nice R/C model grade plywood core scabbard with stitched and glued leather cover, slip on frog with a copper peg to keep in under your belt.

asking $250, there are the forging marks i mentioned and some gap in the fit with the spacer on the front of the guard, its glued and pinned so i cant do much about it now. 




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ive been busy with a new job but i should have a few finished soon, not quite "one every couple days".


im stuck with the maple knife, i tried a couple things with the scabbard and settled on something finally but i need to figure out how to make a retention peg that will keep it from slipping out of a belt... it just needs that last little piece though. 


the non-miniature viking knife and the two with wrapped handles will be next up.

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