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Knife isnpired by book-journeys to North

Jakub Petras

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Hi all!

After a long time I signed there because I made new knife which is available.


It is small knife overall lenght is 22,5 cm, blade 10 cm and handle 12,5.

Welded blade is forged from old, broken springs of agriculture machine and from the bearings. These springs I found unders old oaks on Kovalovec meadows.  

Guard is from patinated bronze and on handle is small patch of cow bone, which I found on the way to the Skalica hills. Last part I bought from my friend and it is Palisander Honduras burl wood. 

Hand sewn scandinavian type sheath with leather inserts in the blade part. Leather, knitted lanyard with  small decoration from same wood as on handle.

Price 370 USD with shipping.

Paypal accepted. 

Contact on me: jakubpetras.noze@gmail.com









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I love it.  Very elegant.  That sheath really compliments the beauty of the knife.




WHEW!!!  If I could only know now what I "thought" I knew back then....................


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What a beautiful job on this knife & sheath Jakub Petras, very nice sir.

Take care & be well,


David B.

(David Bumpus)

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