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Chris Christenberry

Finger Guard mounting problem

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I've met with a problem in mounting a brass finger guard on my second knife.  Started a thread about it in the Beginner's Place.  Help if you can.



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Hi Chris, 

I read this and assume you are attaching two separate pieces, one on either side at the guard?

if that’s the case, I solder my guard pieces on after assuring they are dead even, spaced properly. I find Harris Silver solder the best. Never had one knocked off.

If you are talking of a one piece guard with a slot for the tang which you have gotten too large, you can hammer/ compress the opening which sometimes works depending on the amount to compress. You then have to file/grind shape the guard to desired shape. There will be some “pillowing” at the slot opening. The guard can still be removed and dressed before you press it back into position.

To draw solder into a slotted guard from inside, it’s a whole different explanation at length.

Best regards, 


Gary LT

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