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Theater knife

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This is meant to look like a WWII theater knife, something else rehandled like a Kbar.  Forged L6, acid etched and stone tumbled.   The fittings are all etched and tumbled mild with a bit of micarta thrown in.  I'm not sure about the but cap or the cap nut.  I'm still fussing with it.


IMG_1855 (Medium).JPG

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Looks good!  I've seen some with and some without the skullbreaker pommel nut.  My favorites are the ones with sections of plexiglass from shot-down airplane canopies mixed with the leather.  

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Here is the finished piece.  I resized the skull crusher (actually made about three more) and went with a round pommel.  All of the furniture is mild steel, acid etched, stone tumbled, and blued.  I think it has the look I was after, like someone had seen a Kbar, but not really looked at it.


IMG_1875 (Medium).JPG

IMG_1870 (Medium).JPG




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