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How to Forge a Boot Dagger (run and gun sorta) Part 1

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Here is a video on forging a dagger..   It is  what I like to call  "Run and Gun forging".. This means the blade is simple forged from stock as you go along and not use a preform..   

I wanted to forge a dagger and sadly, A dagger because of the geometry and the blade profile is not a great "run and gun" example..  I had a very hard time not making a preform because Daggers are excellent when done as a preform.. 

ON a "Run and gun" forging session the blade width and shape are constantly being adjusted.. This adjustment occurs and then needs to be fixed again and again..   For many this is how they forge.. 

there is nothing wrong with this..  But, there are also ways which using Run and Gun can be applied like any technique to good value..  

I love to forge daggers and my preferred method for daggers is preforms..   I had a really hard time not just switching to a preform..  

The corrections in blade width and sexiness were constantly modified..  This leads to a longer forging session and I prefer to forge to finished shape.. 

Preform short video:  https://youtu.be/s7CAzGyZWQE

Preform long video:  https://youtu.be/2GPFMQuMTBk

and Forging a dagger, run and gun sorta.. 


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Here are some follow up photos.. 

A Dagger to me should be sexy..  It should have lines that make it look like you don't want to touch it, but you have to..   

There is no one definition for a dagger. But form myself it's usually  what is shown in the photos..  

The very tip is about 0.068 at the spine.    

I have maybe 20min more to clean it up and ready for heat treat.  This as all blades made are by hand.. filed etc, etc. 










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2 hours ago, Chris Christenberry said:

I can only hope to have the forging skills to accomplish that someday, Jennifer.

Chris don't worry about this to much now.  But just hone in on making a good taper to the blade edge on your normal single edge knives..  Once you can forge the taper in evenly on a single edged knife doing a dagger is not much different..  

A solid understanding of where to hit it next is paramount in a Run and Gun type forging but with just a little guidance someone who can forge a blade outright from a preform would have no problem with a dagger from a preform.. 

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