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What do you finish wooden scales with?

Martin Tiney

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This is a great thread. I had these questions for a long time. I never knew much about wood sealing, so i have experimented quite a bit in the past. If someone could expand a bit on using ca glue and then polishing, that would be great. Also, what you all do for polishing and buffing the handle, wood, antler, copper, bone etc. These 2 i have almost done are black walnut, copper spacers, and antler. The top one is sanded up to 2500, buffed on a muslin wheel and the 2 coats of Danish oil. Bottom one is same story, but with boiled linseed oil. Not much color difference, but im also wondering about sealing differences. Almost seemed like the BLO shrunk the wood on the smaller one, because I sanded the handle smooth, then after 2 coats and drying, the copper spacers were raised a bit?



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Now that would be a question of did you harvest this walnut or was it already store bought and kiln dried before you worked with it?


There is a limited chance that the wood has shrunk around your copper because it is still in a state of stabilizing from one environment to the other.  There is only a very minor chance of that if the wood was already kiln dried.


I believe the only reason behind shrinkage in wood is the loss of moisture within it.










Did anyone bring up clear epoxy for a wood finish?  Works pretty similar to crazy glue and has a really good advantage to filling open grain woods.  Again it's like a liquid plastic.

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3 minutes ago, David Pessall said:

Would you use a wood sealer for pores before using Tru-Oil? (for claro walnut)



I wet sand walnut with BLO to fill the pores before applying the finish to the handle

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Von Gruff


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1 minute ago, Jonathanbradshaw said:

Do these finished apply to stabilized woods too? Or are they treated


All you can do to stabilized wood is sand it fine and buff to a shine. It's mostly plastic, after all.

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