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"Forge a Knife" Run and Gun style. Video 5 of knife series


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I have mixed feelings about this video..   The first video was on preforms.. Great video.. the second video was a sorta Run and gun making a Dagger.. Kind of tough to do a run and gun on a symmetrical knife blade and show what run and gun is..  but again a decent video. 

And then this video while it shows true "Run and gun"..  With such a small blade its really hard to hide any of the metal..   I do all the work by hand and I love to forge blades, and love to file them. they take a ton of time to do well.   it takes me about 1-1.5 hrs to file the blade so it is ready for heat treatment..   All the cutting edges are brought down to about 0.030-0.035 in prep for heat treat.. 

Yes the decarb on the out skin of the knife is left in place and only the cutting edge is then sharpened.   I do it all by hand.. LOL..  

The reason I am saying this is because.   This run and gun video would have been much better applied to a larger Kukri or combat fighter or Barong or the like..   On these you can literally forge to shape without the use of a preform because there are places to hide the metal.. You can leave a swell here or there and it can just be looked at as part of the design..   On a smallish blade like this one, all the metal has to be in place or it just looks bad.. 

The reason why I did not make a larger blade is the finishing factor..  I am sorta tired out of blade1, 2 and then my regular work. 

This knife will have a guard and a lanyard hole in the pinky drop.  



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Bravo Ms. Jennifer! I appreciate your camera angles- you can see where the metal moves- Thank you for posting this- I will be visiting the other videos this week as well! Kerri

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