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Geoff Keyes

Comments on a blade on the bench

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I'm working on a BIG belduque.  I forged it with a big long integral bolster.  I've had three or four handles fitted up and they all looked weird.  For a couple of months I've been looking at it and fiddling handles, but in the end I was trying to avoid what, down deep, I knew it needed.  Today I put on my big girl panties and ground off about half of the bolster.  :o


As everyone here knows, it's much easier to grind metal off then to put it back on. 


I am so relieved!  The shorter bolster looks much better.  I got three of five pieces of handle (it's complicated) fitted, just the but cap and cap nut to go.  I'll try to get some pics, but I'm so glad not have screwed everything up.  It's good not to rush, sometimes.



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Sometimes it's hard to make a decision like that about something you are creating, Geoff.  I've had to set aside pieces of furniture many times for the same reason.  One I wouldn't even look at for almost a year..............but when I did, I couldn't believe had thought it was such a hard decision.  Turned out to be the right one because I sold that diminutive hall table for $2,500!  :D

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