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250 mm K tip Gyuto

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Got this one finished up, bar for the sharpening this evening. 


I forged the blade last year, and it was not very pretty, left it too thick from the hammer, and its fought me right the way through as a consequence! - Core is not centered, but its servicable.


The blade is from pre-laminated san mai, with stainless cheeks, and aogami super blue core - The handle is home stabalised spalted beech, and stabalised bog oak.


Not sure if I like it yet, but that might be a consequence of it kicking around the shop for so long. I will put it away for a few days, and look at it with new eyes when I sharpen it!


All feedback appreciated, as ever :)













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17 minutes ago, Charles dP said:

I quite like it. Pity about it getting off-centre but nice shape. What size is it?


250mm along the edge, about 53mm at heel - its a bit of a beast!


Its only the 2nd time ive tried a 'K' Tip, the first one had a weld issue so went to the scrap pile. Im not tuned in to making the profile at all - its a bit alien to me!

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4 minutes ago, Alan Longmire said:

I like it quite a bit.  I'm not usually a fan of the K-tip, but this one works.  

Bill Burke once told me, when I asked for design help, to leave K tips for true single bevel kiritsukes. I have yet to understand why, because your blade is beautiful John!




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I'm usually not a fan of the K tips either, but it works with yours! Very nice work, John.

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