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Hwzt all. Another big project with a few firsts out the way for me. It's a 17" total length bowie, take down construction with a copper frame handle. 


The steel started out as 3 separate pieces of 1070 that I forge welded into one big billet. I did clay it and differentially heat treat it but no hamon showed up in polishing, so not sure what happened there. 


Here are the details 


Steel: 1070 (3 layers forge welded together, hada technique I believe)

Riveted langets: copper

Guard: 5160

Spacers: copper and African blackwood 

Frame: fileworked copper

Handle scales: African blackwood (dalbergia melanoxylon)

Pommel: copper

Pommel nut: 1070

Sheath: hand carved and stitched veg tan


Here is the final shots (also tried my hand at some editing), followed by pics of WIP.

Frame Handle bowie.jpg

Original design work



Successfully forge welded the 3 layers of 3mm 1070 plate together. Was surprised to get an average of 8.5mm thickness across the billet after setting the welds



my forging is still very much on the safe side. Forge thick and over scale, grind to final shape and dimensions. I did get some distal taper in at least.20200207_182522.jpg


pre heat treat grinds20200208_151954.jpg


just after quench. Nice and straight and I thought the hamon took but it never showed up again.20200210_115408.jpg


planning the frame and langet combo20200210_171540.jpg


blade polished up and langets riveted on20200214_120103.jpg


handle pretty much all together but guard not bent yet20200216_175342.jpg


guard bent up20200217_124828.jpg


handle polishing20200224_092236.jpg


Final shots 





Edited by Ross Vosloo
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Ross Vosloo

Mhara Knives made in Zimbabwe


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Did you acid etch to try and bring the Hamon out?

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8 hours ago, Joshua States said:

Did you acid etch to try and bring the Hamon out?

Ja I did. There is definitely a difference in etch between the edge and the spine where I played, but no hamon line. It just blends from one to another and not very good looking at all, that's why I just stuck with a plain finish. No idea what may have happened. 

46 minutes ago, clint c said:

Nice work Ross, lots of details and many pieces involved there! And who doesn’t like a giant blade....



Thanks Clint! 

Ross Vosloo

Mhara Knives made in Zimbabwe


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