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1070 heat treat temp range?

Gerhard Gerber

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From what I've been able to google up the recommended temperature for 1070 is 1450F-1525F or 788C-830C in my language ;)


My steel is 40mm and 60mm wide strips cut from 3mm sheets, fully annealed if I have to guess. First question, is there any advantage to normalizing the blades?


Then that 50C window, all I can imagine is maybe thinner steel lower temperature?

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I don't use 1070, but I do use 1075 quite often.  I find that I need to be at the top end of that range to get something hardened.


I have a couple different heat treat setups.  The one I use for small 1075 parts is a small laboratory oven and a container of canola oil (sometimes called rapeseed oil in other parts of the world)  When quenching springs for slipjoints, I set the oven to 1525F and quench in oil that has been warmed up to ~130F.


I've tried quenching from 1480F which is where I quench my pattern welded blades from, but the 1075 parts don't get as hard.

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