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Lordly Saxon kitchen knife.

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This is lhe latest colaberation knife made by myself and  Petr Florianek. Inspired by saxon swords the 11" blade and handle are made by me and the carving and Sterling silver handle ornamentation is by Petr.


going for the bling bling!

Hope you like it.













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Ah, you guys don't know Owen and Petr, you haven't been here long enough.  B) This is what they do when they collaborate.  And solo, for that matter. 


Really nice one, guys!  Even got the sterling hallmarked?  Or is it a "repurposed" bit with old hallmarks?  I'm too lazy to look up the date letter. ;)

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OK, I'll dissent.  I just dont' think this is up to their usual standards.  In fact, I think you should just send that to me so I can keep it hidden here in a fly-over state across the pond where nobody will ever see it :P


Seriously cool piece guys.  I too am curious about the hallmarks.

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4 hours ago, Alan Longmire said:


Although now it looks like Edinburgh 2016?  Doesn't matter, it's a wonderful piece.  B)

Just to keep em on their toes...upcycled walking stick ferrule!

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What Gerhard said! Your collaborations are truly humbling. 


Excellent work to the both of you. You guys never cease to amaze. 

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