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Big. Just big

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Playing with 3/8" 80CRV2, and ended up with this...thing. 


Getting the clip straight is going to give me a stroke. 


You guys see anything glaring that needs attention before I move on to polishing? 





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No fittings on this one. Haven't decided on the handle material. Probably do something dark and stabilized. Sculpted with a big booty flare. I do have some really nice quilted maple I might consider using for convenience. The flare and drop in the handle is going to make it hard to find something that will fit.


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Reminds me a little of a slightly wider yatagan.  Might be nice to ornament or otherwise emphasize the "ears" on the handle in the way some of those are done to visually balance that large blade.


Having struggled with grinding a raised clip on a recent blade I feel your pain in getting them straight and clean.  Mine doesn't look as nice as yours, nice job.

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