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First Successful Forge-Weld(pic-heavy/Rambly)

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This is very exciting for me!!!:excl::blink:


It’s just a three layer “san-mai” weld, but its my first and the proof of concept excitement is high:D


The outer layers are known cold-rolled low-carbon steel, and the core is mystery mid/low-carbon steel I found in a bucket somewhere. I forged it “thick” and quenched it without any kind of bevel/taper to try to maintain the core location.  It water-quenched no problem(fully expected it to all shear apart)


I took it to the grinder and went to aprox 600 grit(dinked around with belts, stones, and sand-paper, can’t remember where I left off..) and left it in my vinegar/lemon juice mix for aprox 24 hours.  Not much happened, but it did let me know the core is not much higher carbon than the outside if at all.  It did reveal an odd inclusion at the base of the blade that runs parallel the edge; I suspect a pre-existing micro-fracture in my core mystery steel.  It sparks like its hardened steel though, and shaves my arm so I’m not too worried for a personal blade, lol


I plan to do a quick micro-paracord wrap and leather sheath so I can carry it as a box-cutter/utility knaf:D













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Good for you! I plan on doing some pattern welding/damascus for the first time next week. Just have to get the rest of the supplies. I hope my attempt goes as good as yours did. Nice little knife too.



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