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Just finished another bauernwehr

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So I had started on this one sometime last summer, put it in a drawer and completely forgot about it until I stumbled upon it this friday only really needing handle scales.


The blade is made from an old harrow spring and this time I was experimenting with an asymmetrical grind. The back is completely flat with the bevel on the front that extends throughout the tang. It did make fitting the bolster and nagel a bit fiddly but wasn't too bad. It has a 30cm long blade that is 8mm thick up at the bolster


I have no idea what kind of wood I put on it as those scales have been in my drawer for a long time and the label was lost. Pins are simply copper tubing.


With it all assembled I do feel the nagel is a bit too long but overall it came out alright.











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Neat, i've never heard of this type of blade before, it is interesting. Very clean work all the way around. 

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On 3/1/2020 at 7:16 PM, Doug Lester said:

 You did a nice job of fitting the nagel to the guard.  How does the handle feel?  It looks a little chunky in the pictures.




It is almost square in cross section at the backend but it quite thin by the bolster, the look is exaggerated by how short it is but actually feels nice in the hand with the nagel holding the hand in front and the taper helps securing the hand in the backward direction

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I really like it!  Clean lines, nice file work on the bolster and a nagel that would actually protect the hand - well done.

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2 hours ago, Doug Lester said:

That seems like it would be a nice design for hunting feral hogs over dogs.  I may have to try to make another one of those again.




Yes it is a really neat design and I have been thinking about it for a long time to make a more modern kind of knife that would have a nagel for hand protection

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