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All-Wood Sheaths?

Aiden CC

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I hope this is not Too far off the subject(didn't think it warrants a thread of it's own).


My reception is crap at the moment,but i believe we touched on birch burls earlier in this thread.


I just did get to finally use one of the burls i harvested a year ago.The only one usable out of the bunch.

And i just wanted to re-emphasize that difference between the more common/less interesting-grain burl that has smooth bark just like the parent tree,and this other kind-black and fissured and warty-looking on the outside.


Thins is The kind,especially the one that has many little hairy branches sprouting out of it,just like a hairy wart!:)

(them sprigs' what creates the birds' eyes,And convolutes the grain for stability(important for sheaves),and visual appeal(if you swing that way,of course).





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