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My lastest piece for a buddy of mine from Argentina. His passion is the asado (bbq equivalent here in america). He wanted a custom knife for his bbq pack and this is what we came up with.


Blade- 140 layer ladder pattern 15N20/1095 outer steel of the san mai with W2 core. Differentially heat treated, the hamon is low though the whole edge turned out quite adequately hard, hardness files confirmed at least 65hrc on edge and about 50hrc along the spine post quench. There is another faint hamon present in the damascus region where the clay was applied. Never had a dual hamon like that, I attribute it to the different steels involved. I tempered it back a bit more than usual given the dramatic point this blade features.


Handle- Deer antler with two 48 layer damascus fittings that I hot blued. There is a take down nut in the back to make disassembly and cleaning more practical (going to get greasy cutting all that meat). A 14k gold "L" is inlaid in the back as a memorial motif to his friend that passed away.







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pretty ^-^
I think I've heard of what you're talking about w the second hamon line before, there was a Japanese name for it but I cant remember,
its like a faint transition line just between the soft and hard steel. 

I like the form, it looks slim and nimble

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The second shadow hamon is called utsuri.  Hard to tell if that's truly what's there with rhe damascus going on, but most likely it is.  I like it, especially the plain antler.  B)

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