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WIP - Draumr Gripnir - "The Dream Grip"

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hi everyone!


Alright, so I'm spending somewhat of an eternity working on the sheath of this thing - so I've decided to post at least half of the thing... the knife itself.


Let me present - Draumr Gripnir - the "Dream Grip" - with some unintended fingermarks and all!


Blade in two bars of folded and twisted railroad steel, with a third bar (edge) of 15n20 and ferrier's rasps.

Handle i copper, brass, camel bone and vulcanized fiber.


The runes engraved in the brass reads "keep your blade sharp, but your mind sharper".


The nut on the end really tested my skills as an aspiring "jewler". :P:lol:

Draumr Gripnir-1.jpg


Draumr Gripnir-2.jpg


Draumr Gripnir-3.jpg


Anyhow - sheath and complete measurements to come. Needless to say, this is one heavy knife due to the massive materials in the handle.


Sincerely, Alveprins.

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Nice looking handle. I know what you mean about the heaviness of the handle, I get that with antler, it is just a much more dense material than wood and feels solid in the hand.

Did you make this to come apart (is it a take-down)?

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11 hours ago, James Higson said:

...How did you do the runes? Did you engrave them or etch?

Hi James,

I engraved the runes using a Lindsay Airgraver. (counts as practicing as I absolutely suck at using it.... :P)


9 hours ago, Adam Weller said:

...Did you make this to come apart (is it a take-down)?

Hi Adam,

No - it is epoxied through and through. :)

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18 hours ago, Alveprins said:

No - it is epoxied through and through. :)

Good plan. If anyone ever took that apart, it would probably not end well......


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  • 4 months later...

Alright folks, sheath is done! :)


This was a complex one, and I must say that this is to date my "Magnum Opus" as they say...


I decided to go all out on the sheath, cutting out a copper frame from a solid 2mm sheet. Engraving deep grooves for the thread, and filing all edges. I've polished the edges to a mirror shine, with the flat surfaces more matte - as to create contrast.

Leather is dyed white in order to match the handle as much as possible.


The plaque in the middle of the sheath reads "Draumr Gripnir" - the Dream Grip.

There is another plaque on the top of the belt strap - which reads "Gripa Mik" - Grip / Grasp me.


I did not initially plan on using brass for the strap across the handle - however I figured I might as well throw in the kitchen sink while I'm at it.


Anyhow - this project has now finally come to completion, and I have exhausted all of my capabilities with this one, and truly pushed my limits.

Now what remains is to unload this one on someone with more money than wits... :lol:The gods only know how many hours I've put into it. :blink:


Draumr Gripnir-2.jpg


Draumr Gripnir-1.jpg


I will be shooting some more fancy pictures tomorrow. I need help with the lighting, and unfortunately the wife has gone to sleep - so... This is the best I could do for now.


As always, feel free to critique as I am constantly trying to better myself. :)


And on that note, good night.. for now.



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Oops!  I just sucked the wind out of my computer room, Alveprins.  Every time I see one of your knives and sheaths I announce to my little wife "This one is my favorite".  I just did it again!!!!!  Too beautiful to describe what I think of it in words.

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1 hour ago, Alan Longmire said:

That is museum-level stuff, sir!  :o  

Haha, thank you!


I don't know about that though... There are still more imperfections than I can count... :lol: But I will get it right next time! ^_^ I think... :unsure:

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Alright, with the help of my wife (light-holder ^_^); I've managed to snap a few more pics:

Draumr Gripnir Take Two-12.jpg


Draumr Gripnir Take Two-11.jpg


Draumr Gripnir Take Two-1.jpg


Draumr Gripnir Take Two-2.jpg


Draumr Gripnir Take Two-4.jpg


Draumr Gripnir Take Two-3.jpg


Draumr Gripnir Take Two-5.jpg


Draumr Gripnir Take Two-6.jpg


Draumr Gripnir Take Two-8.jpg


Draumr Gripnir Take Two-9.jpg


Draumr Gripnir Take Two-10.jpg


Alright, that's about it...


And on that note - good night everyone. Need to get an early start tomorrow. :)


Have a good one everyone! Chiao!


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