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Aikuchi "The Black Moon"

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For over 11 years I have been working on traditional Japanese edged weapon, specifically grinding and polishing blades and making rim of swords. I use traditional materials and their modern modified analogues. Forging and heat treatment of blades are done by my friend Dmitry, he is a professional blacksmith and gunsmith with experience over 10 years. Since 2016, i began making art knives, in the styles: cyberpunk / bio-mechanics, using some of the best materials and precious metals. I try to do all the work in the highest quality, studying new technologies and do various experiments with design.

Showing my last work, just as interesting, I will show my later work ...


Aikuchi "The Black Moon"
Authors: Daniil Izotov / Dmitry Chebukin.
Blade: steel 9xs, 305/30/5 mm (length with handle 45 cm, in sheath 49)traditional grinding / polishing.
Frame: magnolia, epoxy enamel, silver, copper.
Sageo cord, kara-kumi weaving style.












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3 hours ago, Doug Webster said:

Вы захватили сущность фумбари. суть фумбари .

The blade has a slight narrowing to the tip (Kissaki), I indicated the width and thickness of the blade only at the base (at the habaki), the width / thickness near the beginning of Kissaki, unfortunately I do not remember.

Such blades have almost no narrowing in width


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