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Dang, Edged things


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I was retired from smithing up till about 3 years and change ago..  I primarily forge now when I make a video for YT or get a question asked by a newb or during demo season or teaching which happens at event and such.. 

I was asked to gather up some of my work of which there was none from before that 3 years mark and change. So, all I have is new work other than the wakizashi which is a reject as the measurements are off.  

It was interesting to me that I have actually forged a good amount of bladed skulduggery and this does not include the blades that have been sold.  Nor any of the other items forged (hammers, thumblatches, hardies, forkes, spoons, etc, etc).. 



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1 hour ago, clint c said:

Wow, quite a varied selection of edged goodness there!  I really like the hawk on the right side of the photo.  Clint


Clint, Thanks,  I was surprised when a pulled stuff out of it's hiding places.   That particular Hawk was forged for the Youtube Hawk video.. Shows the steps to finished.   I'ts a stock off the shelf handle. 

26 minutes ago, Brian Dougherty said:

Dang lot of work!


This reminds me I need to go watch more of your videos.  You have a lot to teach.

Brian, sure is.. makes me really wonder when I had time to forge them all  and get them that far along or finished (all by hand don't ya know).   If I wasn't so lazy I might actually finish the last 3 from the video series.  Lots of hand work.. 

I have a Kukri lined up in cue for a video..  I'm going to make a whopper with a forged fuller groove with termination.. I love big knives and the cool factor is off the charts but it's hard to carry them in public. LOL.. 

Kind of you to say on the teaching..  Thanks

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On 3/29/2020 at 12:11 AM, Larry Okinaka said:

By chance are you selling any of this stuff?  I am interestedi in that wide wakizashi blade

Hi Larry,  sorry for the slow reply.. that is actually a reject blade because the spacing is off.  I won't sell blades that don't meet my quality standards.. Sorry.   

Now it just lives in the demo trailer for that "awesome question".. Do you make swords???  Well do yah.. 

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4 hours ago, Larry Okinaka said:

No worries!  By chance are you selling any of the other stuff?


Yes, I do. shoot over a pm on what your interested in.. 

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