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Front Yard Follies

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Howdy!!  Here are a few of the latest from my front yard.. The Kard s 1095, L-6 and some meteoric iron with a red Bovine Ivory grip..


The white gripped dagger is in a maiden hair pattern with a blade of 1095, L-6 and meteoric iron with some pre-WWI white Bakelite. The sheath is set with a 12.78 ct star ruby


The darker griped dagger is in a ladder pattern in 1095, L-6 and meteoric iron with some  more Pre-WWI Bakelite . the sheath has a  14.56 ct star ruby set into it..These were going to RPFS in Irwindale, CA but that is canceled so up on the website these go!  These didn't turn out too bad considering an old man made them out in his front yard..


Hope these come out properly..











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outstanding. The dagger with light handle is the best. Hey- so why are you working in your front yard? Their must be a story here. You have had a shop since before I thought of it.


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WELL......the shop is in the front yard.  75 yards from the front door heading out to the front gate...hence..I work in the front yard..


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