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1 or 2 burner for first forge

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Recently began acquiring the tools and equipment I need to have some fun in my shop. Making a propane tank forge and I've seen many 1 and 2 burner.


So my question is do I do 1 or 2 off the start? Does 1 burner have enough heat? Aldo vertical burner mount or on an angle?


Some some searching and have seen some vertical and some not.


Thanks for taking the time to help a newbie!

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For first forge, and one made out of a 20lb tank, I would recommend one burner.  Two burners will use up a lot more gas, and won't net you anything when you are just starting out. 


I used my single burner forge made from a 20lb tank for 4 or 5 years, before I decided I really needed a second burner in a larger forge.  That was only because I primary do pattern welding, and I wanted to get a 6-8" section up to welding heat.  If it weren't for that, I'd still be using a single burner.

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I was leaning towards a single for my first forge. Using less gas overall would be nice too considering I'll be spending hours just learning how to heat and move metal.


I can understand more heat for the pattern welding side of it.


Thanks for the input! Going to order my supplies off Amazon.ca seems to be the best for insulation and cement pricing.

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If you haven't already, you should definitely read all the pinned threads in this sub-forum (Beginner's Place) as well as the Tools and Tool Making sub-forum.  There are several great threads about this.  

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What sort of burner(s) are you thinking of? 


Naturally Aspirated, I'd go one (bigger) burner every day. It is much easier (and cheaper) to build a single adequate burner than it is to build two identical burners. 


I don't know what size your forge will be (I'm in the UK so "propane tank" is not a size I am necessarily familiar with), but for bladesmithing I'd guess you are looking at two 3/4" burners or one 1" burner.


If you are going for blown, either one or two ports will work fine, so long as you keep everything downstream of the mixing point perfectly symmetrical.


Ribbon burners are very good at keeping down the flame length. Whilst many swear by them, they are not exactly easy to get right (they look dead simple, but there is actually a lot going on and the opportunities to louse things up are much greater than most folk realise). I'd recommend starting with (a) more conventional burner(s) and only move onto a ribbon burner if your first 2 or 3 forges show you that you would benefit from a ribbon burner in your application.


If you can get BSP fittings in your location, an Amal atmospheric injector from Burlen in the UK will form the basis of a very good burner indeed. The ones jetted for Butane work better than the ones jetted for Propane in "our" application.


If you are building a burner to plans, make sure you follow the plans EXACTLY. If there are different jet sizes suggested for a NA burner, always start with the smallest: it will almost always get hotter and use less gas than the bigger one.

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