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200 lb Chambersburg cylinder size?

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Hey all,


Does anyone know what the cylinder stroke is on a 200 lb Chambersburg Utility hammer with a 5'' bore? By the way is it precisely 5'' ? I'm asking because I built a hammer already, a smaller version with a 90 lb ram weight and a 2½'' bore, 10'' stroke. I'm dreaming about a new hammer in the future that would have the same size cylinder as the 200 lb Chambersburg. I'm a big fan of old Chambersburg hammers but they're pretty hard to come by in Europe, Finland. I'm thinking of buying this cylinder to use in my next home made hammer:


Paineilmasylinteri 135-30-300


Price is 120 €/cylinder. The big green plates in the back of the photo I would just take off.

Rod: 1 and 3/16 in

Bore: 5 and 5/16 in

Stroke: about 12 in


This hammer is one I built already, 2½ x 20 in cylinder. The frame is heavily inspired by the Chambersburg. I reckon I'd fasten the cylinders in the previous photo in a similar manner on a future hammer - the rod simply sticking through a hole in a steel plate. Maybe some lateral braces for the cylinder. A compressor to drive the cylinder? Well I have a medium sized one, 4 HP, and a 250 gallon air tank. I reckon the tank would last me a minute at least.




I won't modify this one much, maybe I'll put a 4 inch cylinder on it some day. I bought a cheap one already.  The foot lever is temporary ... :D




Jakob Staffans

Vasa, Finland

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2 hours ago, Jeremy Blohm said:

If you dont mind I might use some of your designs in my BIG air hammer build! 


Copy whatever you want! There's no copyright on this. Not much originality either, save for the frame perhaps. But that's free to use too. What cylinder do you have, and compressor? What frame are you thinking of? I saw some videos of your hammer. Good job! Is blacksmithing your trade or hobby? You don't have a website? How's the shop working out for you? I was wondering since I saw it's snowing in sometimes! I'm kind of comfortable and want a heated shop :D ... I'm building a shop at the moment ...


Let's see if this link works. It should show a photo album of the hammer build, and be globally accessible.


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The frame is what I'm interested in copying!!!;)

Blacksmithing is a hobby that I have kinda went overboard with. As of now I dont have a website. I'm not real tech savvy. The shop is coming along slowly. It seems to be a constant disaster. As for heat in the shop, I kinda like the cold. I've always wanted to move to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where it seems to be a nice cool temp during the summer and sub zero temps 6 months of the year. 


Here is all the stuff I have for my hammer build.


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18 hours ago, Jeremy Blohm said:

Here is all the stuff I have for my hammer build.

That's an impressive load of material. The double cylinder idea is interesting, maybe challenging. There are not many home-made models with two cylinders. I'm sure it would work though. I'll have to comment more on all the material later. Were you able to view the facebook photo album?

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1 hour ago, Sam Salvati said:

I’ve had this old cylinder awhile for a big air hammer dream sadly math out to 150cfm for a 150 bpm


What's the bore and stroke on that one? Looks enormous! You should get cracking on the build with that one ;) Jeremy also, you have the material now! You said you have the I-beams, the anvil and cylinder!

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