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My take on a bear claw


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Hi folks,

Had this small bear claw design stuck in my head since a long time. Wanted to give it an antique look with the design. The overall length is 5.5 inches made from a leftover piece of leaf spring. The finger hole was cut with a dremel and then drifted with a round punch. Brass is from the body of an old brass water tap.

It can be held in a reverse and forward grip. The wood pommel gives a really secure hold at all times.

Would love to hear all your critiques on the design.

2020-04-02 18.17.20.jpg

2020-04-02 18.12.25.jpg

2020-04-02 18.14.15.jpg

2020-04-02 18.18.52.jpg

2020-04-02 18.15.09.jpg

2020-04-02 18.15.50.jpg

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