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I'm getting ready to make a one-man fullering tool that fits into the Hardie hole on my anvil.  Do the two arms that do the fullering need to be hardened or is mild steel okay since it'll be hitting hot material?

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6 hours ago, Clifford Brewer said:

air hardening alloy is the way to go............. 


You mean like A2?  My plan was to have two bars 1/2" thick by 1" with a piece of 1/2" round rod welded to each of them as the fuller forming surface.

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I've made a couple of these- one from mild steel and one from O1. I haven't noticed a difference. The mild works and holds up just as well. I made the one fullering tool out of O1 because I happened to have a TON of O1 and I happened to have some that was the right size.

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