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Forged folding knife

Mick Maxen

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I have made a few of these recently with riveted pivots but getting the action right is very tricky, so I have used a threaded pivot pin and nylon washers which has made a world of difference. Smooth as silk now.  The blade is approx 3" and  about 6 1/2" overall. 


DSC_2618.jpgb folder.jpg 

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Show-off. :P


(I can get away with that, Mick is a friend.)


Now then:  Mick!  How have you been?  This combination of the simple with the absurdly complex (that mark is part of the pattern, folks...:ph34r:) is brilliant.  I like it, in other words. 

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i really like what you did with the tail of the blade, the scroll part, i havent been able to get something i like out of that part of a friction folder. 


and the makers mark fits the blade very well, like if it were stamped or just etched it would stand out too much. 

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That is probably the nicest and most practical friction folder I have ever seen.

You should visit more often Mick. :)

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What can I say? Wow. Love it.

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