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Italian sidesword

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Hi guys,

I recently finished this Italian sidesword. Making a complex hilts like this was a first for me, hats off to all who do more of these, they really are a bit of a pain to make and this isn't even a particularly complex one!


Overall length: 104cm
Blade length: 90cm
Blade width: 3,6cm
PoB: 15cm in front of guard, 11cm in front of finger rings
CoP: 61cm / 57cm
Weight: 1130g

Sideswords are very interesting swords. They combine a long and slender blade that would not be uncommon on a late medieval arming sword with a complex hilt that already shows the development towards much more protective hilts. The fencing style shown in sources like Achille Marozzo’s treatise (1536) mirrors this with aspects of both the earlier as well as later period fencing sources.



Dynamically, this sword with its complex hilts offers excellent point control as well as a flowing and inviting presence in the cut. The 90cm long blade features a non-linear distal taper, keeping it suitably stiff for very effective thrusts as well as making the point light and nimble. The blade retains enough width all the way up to the point to allow for effective cutting actions with the entire edge. Overall, this sword manages to be very well balanced between cut and thrust without seemingly sacrificing much on either part.

The fittings are fire blackened which aside from its aesthetic value offers a degree of rust protection, quite useful on a piece where fingering the guard is the common way of holding the sword. The slight ricasso at the blade’s base features rounded edges to make this practice comfortable.

I'm quite happy with how this piece turned out, especially the handling characteristics are very intriguing and from the perspective of a historical fencer I really appreciate how versatile this weapon is. It can be used alone, with a dagger in the off hand or a buckler, a rotella, etc. And we have written fencing treatises for all these combinations!

I hope you like it.





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Excellent!  Complex hilts are fun.  They make you invent new words to swear at them with. :lol:

These are among my favorite swords, they just feel good.

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