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First saya, with kitchen knife

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The blade is forged from a horseshoe rasp, with a Gerhard Gerber style micata bolster, and padauk wood. The blade is 4 1/2" long, 1 3/4" wide, and 1/16" thick. It's slices really well. Handle is 4 3/4" long. I followed Joel Mercier's directions for a mustard patina. I did not use any clay when I heat treated the blade, but I got a very defined hardened line. Not sure if I can technically call it a hamon or not.

The saya is also made from padauk wood, with brass pins and a black felt liner.

This was my first time using padauk wood, and though I really like the color it has a very coarse grain which kinda bugs me.

I almost think the cutting edge needs less curve to it too so that there is more contact with the cutting board. Thoughts and critiques are very welcomed.





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Nice work, Faye! That mustard patina looks great, and I like the saya. I agree that the curve in the belly looks a little extreme, but it depends on it's intended use, might be a little awkward for slicing a roast, but it looks great as a chopper. 

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Thank you, sir. It is intended to be more of a veggie chopping knife. It slides through patatoes like a hot knife through butter, but I have to rock it to cut the corners because there isn't a flat spot on the edge.

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