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Forged Friction Folders

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I have a small shop and hate cleaning up sawdust. I used 1084 for the blades and large garage door spring for the handles.

Have a great weekend!




IMG_4277 3.JPG

IMG_4278 3.JPG


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On 4/18/2020 at 3:18 AM, Frank Barnes said:

Thank you. They are good sellers. I get burned out with making them though. 

Frank, those are stunning. Would you mind if I tried my hand making a few?

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They are a lot fancier than what I pictured when I read the heading.  I really had to study the pictures to see how they worked.



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Frank, thanks for some new updates and I like scroll/pin/bolster better. After your first posting I made a couple, from 5160 and mild steel handles. They show well and it was challenging and fun making. I can certainly see it would become monotonous though!

Gary LT

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Nice work. Those are pretty slick. Columbia River Knife & Tool has a similar design. I think they call it the minimalist or some such thing. I won one of them in a Iron in the hat once. I like the look of yours even more.

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