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Using the site search engine

Joshua States

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There are a number of ways to search this site for existing topics and threads that you may have questions about. Finding these existing threads saves the more experienced members from repeating the same information ad infinitum, and also gets you the information you want much faster than you would if you had to wait for a dozen replies.

So here goes:

Way #1: Open Google and type the following into the search bar: Site: Bladesmithsforum.com + (your keyword or words)


Way #2: The site search engine. In the upper corner of the screen, you will see a little search bar. Click the magnifying glass in the right corner.


This will open the advanced search filter screen. It looks like this:




Type your search term (keywords) in the bar and choose your filters. If you have more than one word in your keywords, make sure you click on All of my search terms  or you will get results for each of the words. That can be a lot of results. If you think you remember the person who said something, you can search by author. You can search for just topic titles or anywhere in the post. You can search specific sub-forums like Fit and Finish, or History. It really allows for some serious drilling down to get you where you want to be and get you there quickly.


Anyway, have fun and browse to your heart's content. There is a huge amount of info here and it's free for the reading.





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