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Hammer in portfolio WIP

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Not sure if it will work here Faye but hair-spray will remove permanent marker from UPVC window frames. Test on a small piece of bone first.

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Here are a couple glam shots. I'll be honest, it's grow on me a little and it makes me feel a lot better that you guys think the handle is alright. Thank you for all the help with this knife.

So I finally got back to my shop for the winter and picked this project back up. I put a new handle on the seax knife because I really hated the last one and couldn't bring myself to scrap the blade.

Who would have thought I would find a use for hot pink nail polish. I etched the spacer yesterday and used the ugliest color nail polish I could find to cover the front and back to keep them from

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This looks great Faye. I recently got some black sharpie on an ivory handle. Acetone (in my case carburator cleaner) worked a little to fade the mark, but it is still slightly visible. I sprayed it on a tissue and rubbed it in to remove what I could.

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I'll agree with the comments on how good that looks.  If you can't get all the sharpie out, can you convince yourself that it's just an early forced patina?  Probably not, though....


Perhaps you can take some consolation that you'll never do that again? 


Still a great looking package.  Have a great summer


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Well I scrubbed as much of the black off that I could, it's not all gone but it's better. 

Between all the spring cow work I managed to get a sheath made for it and glam shots taken. It's all ready to go to blade show with me next week.

Thank you to all the people who have helped me work through this knife. I've learned a lot with this build and wouldn't have even tried it if not for the encouragement from my fellow knifemakers to go beyond my skill level. I have plenty to improve on with the next one, this is just a small step in the journey. 









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A most impressive step Faye, and one you should be proud of. 

I am anxious to hold that one in my hand. 

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