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I recently completed this as a retirement gift for the president of the company that I work for.  21 layers of 1084/15n20, 6.25" blade, black walnut handle w/ African blackwood spacer and mild steel fittings.



He told me that whatever I made him would end up in his showcase that he has in his trophy room.  Given the caliber of knives that he has in that showcase already, it really pushed me to get outside of my comfort zone with this build and take on things that I had never tried before.



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Much appreciated fellas!  I tried several new things with this one and learned a ton along the way.  Now I guess I need to take some time and focus on the honey-do list for a bit.  Ignoring it for 3 months didn't seem to make it any shorter.  Quite the opposite actually........:D

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I really liked watching you build this dagger. I know there were times when you wished it had been easier, or faster, or felt frustrated that you had to do something over again, but you put in the necessary grit to get to where your target was. If for nothing else, for that you should be proud. This was one heck of a wild ride wasn't it? 

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15 hours ago, Fox Creek said:

beautiful wood, there. And, beautifully finished. There is a nuance to wood finishing that goes beyond the buffed lacquer of the 70's.


Thank you.  I have to admit though, stabilized wood makes it pretty easy.  All I did was hand sand it up to 1000 grit, buff it with a cloth wheel, and add a coat of furniture wax.  You just have to be willing to step back a grit or three and start again when you find a spot that doesn't clean up right.


14 hours ago, Joshua States said:

This was one heck of a wild ride wasn't it? 


You're not kidding there Josh.  I don't think I've gotten this invested in a build since the little push dagger I made for KITH a couple years ago.  Must be something about me and daggers.  I think the best thing for me about this one is that it actually turned out very close to the way I pictured it when I started.  That typically doesn't happen.  Thanks again for the tips and nudges along the way.  I always appreciate an honest opinion, even if it's not necessarily what I want to hear at the time!:D

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