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Hi all! 

I was given a bayonet by my boss's parents. I believe its british. 1888 I think. Doesn't look like a 1903. What do you think? And how much do you think it's worth? 


I've got a 1915 or 18 (last digit is shallow) Lee Enfield, but unfortunately it's been sporterized a long time ago. Unfortunately my grandfather knew a guy who sporterized old guns.  I'd love to have it looking the way it used to. I doubt this bayonet would fit it though. 20200425_222452.jpg


Sorry the room is so cluttered I've got more hobbies than living space. 

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Definitely a Lee-Metford 1888 bayonet. The SMLE bayonet was single-edged and fullered.

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Hi Zeb,

I believe it is worth one pattern welded modern hunting knife or bowie knife from me. Between 4 and 8" blade, wood handle, nice aqua fortis staining on curly maple handle. :)


I like it. I am not sure what they are worth. Alan may know more. I would only add that, if I were you, I would keep it as-is. You know this, but maybe someone reading this will not know this, so DON'T POLISH ORIGINAL METAL ITEMS, THE RUST AND PATINA IS IMPORTANT IN DATING AND VALUE. 


I had to say it.


thanks for sharing the pics with us. I just love this sort of stuff.

I need to get a Fairbairn-Sykes. I really do. Plus, the early gerber, (Mark I?). 


on and on I ramble. Nice score. 

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