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Well thanks to all of  this idiotic stay at home stuff that is going on that wound up getting all my spring and summer shows canceled.. I am  now finishing  all the higher end stuff I usually send out to my E-Vile minions to sell at the various shows I have them displayed at..and posting them for sale on my site. 


So here's another one from an  Old Man's front yard...


 This one's a rather long Pattern Welded Dagger in my  "Hugs and Kisses" pattern (It has a repeated series of X and O running down the centre)  Blade is double edged and is 17 1/4" in length and welded from a  mix of 1095, L-6 and some meteoric iron for grins and giggles..   Full length fuller each side. I love fullers..they make the blade look "finished" if you ask me...


Forged and file worked/roped phosphor bronze  fittings.. Now the grip is some of that bowling ball material I scrounged up a wee bit ago and that is hand fluted. The oxblood leather sheath is mounted in phosphor bronze with a 27.91 ct star ruby set on the sheath throat.. ( Cut the ruby myself from some rough a friend in India sent to me.. His family owns several mines over there).This one has an overall length of 24"...


All in all it didn't turn out too bad for an old man..


Goes up for sale this evening on my site along with the other two fancy ones..if all goes as planned that is...








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not too bad. I never got the story on the front yard thing, though. Why there and not a regular shop (or is that where your shop is?).

good work, seriously. The steel looks great, as usual. 

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Since you asked..



My front yard is approx 1.75 acres in area..my back yard is a wee bit larger at 2.25 acres and  out back there is where my pistol range is...( 25 yards is it..sad I know but better than nothing ...PLUS i can use my SMGs as well back there so ....).  The first thing you see when you clear the jungle that is my driveway coming in to our property once you make the turn is the studio....(our driveway is about 175 yards long or so..it is so long we had to have custom signage made and posted to show UPS/FedEx/USPS and DHL  where we are.. including instructions on the sign..) .. and the house is another  175 feet back from the studio...  Hence I am working in my front yard..  


Here are some pics of my new place...


I like it here...It is a bit of a change from Southern Nevada but being an old  "jungle vet" this is nothing new for me... (Sue has a few choice words to say about all the spiders...but  then I reminder..we had tarantulas in Nevada and she pretty much quiets down on those..)


So more pics will be coming as I am working on some more fancy stuff since this damn Covid thing shut down my income so I will be posting it all to my web site...


Hope this clears things up a bit...











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Well Hell Yeah!

I actually have a similar thing going but the shop is at the end of a Y and the house is the other.

Our signs say things like Professor's Forge (for the delivery people- that's the business name), but also Neverland, The Shire, Camelot, and Hundred Acre Wood.


We like to think that the real world ends just as ours begins.


Love the shop pics. Thank you very much for the response!

I have shop envy. You have more room, and you live in a dry climate so your anvil stays shiny!

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