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Some diagrams on strength of materials and steel metallurgy

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I prepared some slides for a talk on strength of materials and basic heat treat of steel. The few pictures of real metal are aimed at the clock making community, so no knives :(

The sequence isn't quite self-explanatory I'm afraid (there is supposed to be some bloke wittering on in the background to make a bit more sense of things) -  so Verhoeven is a much better place to go to learn stuff. Maybe some of the pictures are useful if you ever find yourself in a similar position of trying to explain things. I shamelessly used any resources I could find without consideration of copyright. Some of it could be wrong.

The conclusion is a bit disappointing as well "just follow the instructions".

I like the BCC-FCC transformation slide.


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Definitely some good stuff there.  I'm going to use your image from slide 50 for showing where carbon goes i FCC and BCC, as it is nicer than others I have used.  But please find a new image for slide 37, the fuzziness is hard on the eyes.  

Also, that is a ton of info.  Plan on it taking a while for people to get it.  Maybe break it into a few presentations?  

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