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Just finished this up. I'll try and get proper pics and say more about it at the weekend, but It's 1075+Cr, bogoak, steel, copper and silver:


dudgeon 34.jpg

dudgeon 35.jpg

dudgeon 36.jpg

dudgeon 33.jpg

dudgeon 37.jpg

dudgeon 38.jpg

dudgeon 39.jpg

let me know what you think...

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Man that is nice! Happy birthday Jake.

BTW- and this is a serious question, is Dudgeon a Scots word, or is it simply a typo that should have been Dungeon? 

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Dudgeon is an English word, though possibly from a Scots or Welsh root, for box wood root, which in the medieval period was the only native wood which it was legal to stain black to mimic ebony. The word became synonymous with this style of dagger. In Scots we still say that someone is 'up to high dudgeon', meaning in a killing mood, which comes from the dagger form.

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I had to come back to this one on the 2nd day because I didn't know what to say at first.  I still don't.


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Watched this come together on Facebook, but damn this is so nice Jake.  I think this is one of my favorite knives by you.  Impressive work.

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