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The beginning of a beautiful relationship- pneumatic hammer

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I’ve been in the process of (slowly) acquiring materials for a pneumatic power hammer build for quite some time now. A hammer hand sided chronic elbow injury, social distancing, and some time off work have allowed me and prompted me to get up off my third point of contact and kick this mule into gear. I picked up the last major component (a base plate) yesterday with my cohort in crime- Jeremy Blohm AKA Benona Blacksmith. We went up north (to Scottville, MI) and grabbed a 1/2” plate that measures just a hair over 48” x 48”. Weight is estimated at around 350 pounds, like an intoxicated south Mississippian driver pulled over on Live PD. I’ve got a boat load of good quality extra material for reinforcement, brackets, and general beautification and badassery. Lots of grinder blades, welding rod, and various whatsitcalleds. Shaping up to be a long and passionate relationship.....




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Yeah, I did. I used a series of levers and bar stock as rollers and moved it Great Pyramid/Easter Island style. 

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