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Hi folks.  A store-bought pairing knife of mine had its plastic handle, um, melt recently.  (Don't ask.)  The blade is probably still fine, so I want to rehandle it.


The blade is machine-made stainless steel, and totally dishwasher safe.  I'd like a handle that is as well.  I presume that rules out any wood-based material., which is all I've used to date.  What is a good handle material for dishwasher safe knives?

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First of all, no blade, stainless or not, is dishwasher safe.  Getting bounced around by the water will dull the edge and the chemicals in the dish washer cleaner will attack the steel, even stainless.  If you want to go forward, try Micarta or G10.  A marine epoxy will stand  up to the heat of a dishwasher better than what you'll find at a hardware store.





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