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Where do they come up with these things?

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I watched the Smithsonian Channel last night about there series on the development of weapons.  Usually it's pretty informative but last night two of the three segments were ridiculous.  One was the history  of the Roman scorpion catapult.  A nice segment on how it worked but then they started going on about armor penetrating ability of the bolts when the enemy they fought against did wear armor.  What was more ridiculous was then they fired the bolts at 1 mm sheet steel backed by wood planks and got all excited about about 1/2" penetration that the head got as if that would be significant if armor had been worn.


The second piece of garbage was when they tested the armor penetrating of the European long sword, or two handed sword, and the Japanese katana.  They nailed a sheet of 1 mm sheet steel between two posts and tested how well the two types of swords cut the steel from the edge.  Which 1) ignored the fact that ancient was not made of 1 mm cold rolled steel sheet and 2) plate armor was not attacked from the edge.  Then they had a penetration test by attacking with the point of both swords against unsupported; as in no mail, no gambisan, and no ballistics dummy; as if it meant anything.



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Maybe if you stopped watching TV you would feel better...…..

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