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20 Ton H-Frame Industrial Heavy Duty Floor Shop Press

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The key with forging presses is speed. The longer those dies are in contact with your work, the more heat gets sucked out of your work. Usually those things move too slowly and you can't get anything done because by the time you start squishing, the steel is already cold and won't move.


There have been a number of people convert log splitters so I guess that's one potential alternative.


Edit: also there's this topic pinned here


could be of some help.


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What Cody said.  Those are too slow and too wobbly.  Good for straightening leaf springs, pressing bearings, that sort of thing, but that's about it.  

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i used the a frame 12 ton did a lot of moving for me  i was getting results similar to sledgehammer work trick was making a tee handle on the relice so it would cycle quicker and it was faster than hand hammering by far right up till it shear the bolts i rebuilt it useing better bolts then it ripped the bolts from the frame .......then i just built a real press both times it broke in the same evening of forging like maybe an hour of help then boom done with that

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