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Does anyone have an issue with their propane tanks where the flow limiter is extremely sensitive and activates not matter what? 

I have two new Manchester propane tanks from TSC, a 20 lb tank and a 40 lb tank. Both are still on their first fill up. My dad is using the 20lb to heat water for a steam box or at least wanted to. It won’t even let a turkey fryer be lit because it’s tripping. It’s basically a dud right now.


The 40 lb I am using to run my forge. I have used it probably 5-7 times with mostly no issues. The flow limiter has tripped several times. Especially at the pressure needed to get to welding temps, 8-9 psi. But I’ve been able to shut the quarter turn valve I placed before the burner and slowly reopen it to light it again. I usually run it at 4-6 psi for regular forging and 2-3 psi for heattreating. At those temps, the limiter doesn’t trip.


Today I had a good time running it in the early afternoon for ~3.5 hours and about half that at welding temps. I was able to weld, cut and reweld a stack with no issues with the limiter. I took a break for lunch and tried to relight the forge. But no matter how slow I opened the valve, turned the regulator off and slowly reopened it, or how slow I opened the quarter turn valve, the flow limiter always tripped.I also tried disconnecting the hose and letting everything clear out. I tried the smaller tank to no avail.  

The 40 lb tank is about half full and the only thing I can think of is that the tank needs to equalize inside. I’m going to try again in the morning.

What do you think is the issue? Do I have a crap tank?

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Do you notice frost forming on the outside of the tank? If so, you might not have a problem with the regulator.  Sorry if you already know this, but on the chance you might not, if you convert the liquid propane into gas very quickly you cool the tank. This is the way in which RV refrigerators keep cold using propane. If you freeze your tank, the PSI drops dramatically. A good way to fix this is to just put the tank into a tub of water. 


Pro tip: Cans of beer in the water around the tank get chilled this way while you forge. 




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1 hour ago, Dave Stephens said:

Pro tip: Cans of beer in the water around the tank get chilled this way while you forge. 

The law of thermodynamics


Edit: you actually use the energy(heat) of your beer to forge, no shit! The perfect symbiosis...

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