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Germanic single edged sword

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Recently completed project - Germanic single edged sword

Hand forged blade from EN45 steel, handle from yew.

Total length 1620mm, blade length 486mm, width 50mm, thickness 5m.


Thank you







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Overall good work.  From first glance at the finished pictures I would have said that it was historically incorrect.  Glad you included the illustrations of an historical example so I didn't make a fool of myself, again.  The only thing that I don't like is the hammer marks left up near the spine.  I would have gotten rid of them by extending the flat grind all the way to the spine but I have to admit that it's just my taste.  Also, dealing with a corroded blade as an example I can't really argue that the hammer marks were always ground out.



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14 hours ago, Alan Longmire said:

That came out well!  Ever thought about trying a scabbard with stave construction?  

Thank you. I haven't heard about stave construction. Could you explain what is it please?

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One from Bornholme, from this thread:


And a Celtic example from the British Museum, mounted in bronze.  You have to look hard to see the staves under the bronze foil...


stave 1.jpg

stave 2.jpg

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1 hour ago, Alan Longmire said:

Like a barrel, made of many narrow strips side by side.  I'll look for a picture...

thats what i thought :)

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Just a cultural variation, as far as I know. Maybe like some of the later pattern-welded blades, sort of a "Just how hard on myself can I make this" sort of thing as a status display.  They are not common, nor do they appear in the archaeological record for very long.   Maybe it was a single clan of germanic tribesmen advertising their OCD?  :lol:

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